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What is a giclee print?

Giclee printing is a type of inkjet printing which produces a higher quality print with a longer lifespan than a standard desktop inkjet printer.

Three basic criteria must be met for a print to be considered truly giclee.

  1. Resolution – a giclee print must have a resolution of no less than 300 dots per inch (DPI).
  2. Paper – the paper or used must be of archival quality.
  3. Printer/Ink – Giclees are printed using pigment-based inks rather than the dye-based inks.

All of my giclee prints meet the above standards and are produced by the friendly professionals at Digital Print (NZ) and All About Graphics (AU).

What is the difference between the watercolour and canvas options?

Eterna Elite 320 gsm canvas

Canvas giclee prints are printed on heavy textured 100% cotton French rag stock. They can be stretched on to wooden bars to look just like the original.

Watercolour paper

Watercolour giclee prints are printed on archival grade textured watercolour paper and generally framed behind glass. See below for comparison.

New Zealand landscape canvas prints

Canvas prints

Watercolour giclee prints of Ashburton High Country

Watercolour prints

The giclee print alongside the original painting

How do giclee prints differ from the original?

Giclee prints are exact replicas of the original. They are professionally colour-matched to the original and retain 100% of the original detail.

People often mistake the giclee prints for the original painting and it is only when I point out the absence of textured brush strokes that they realise they are looking at a replica.

Prints of Jack McDonalds latest painting

The giclee print alongside the original painting

How many prints do you make of each painting?

The number of prints have been limited to 100 per painting. This is to ensure you are guaranteed a special artwork and not a commodity.

Can I get a custom size?

In short, yes. As long as the size of the print does not exceed the size of the original I am happy to create a custom sized print.

Contact me if you are thinking about getting a custom size.

Note – allow an extra week for shipping on custom sizes.

Why don't all of your paintings have prints?

The most common reason for not having prints for every painting is when the original is purchased before it is scanned.

Also, some of my paintings are commissions. I will not reproduce a commission out of courtesy to the buyer.

What are the options for framing a print?

There are a number of framing options which differ based on whether the prints are on canvas or watercolour paper.

I am happy to organise framing on your behalf or give you guidance on what to do.

For more information on framing options, check out my post on Choosing a frame and feel free to contact me if you still have questions.

How much is postage?

$10 NZD New Zealand and Australia

$20 NZD International

How long does shipping take?

It usually takes less than a week to ship a print within New Zealand and Internationally allow up to two weeks.

Jack Magnus McDOnald signing prints of Mt Victoria on Canvas